Niels Anthonsen, P.Eng., EA.

Niels is a Professional Engineer, a licensed Energy Advisor and a LEED AP with over 35 years of engineering experience. 

In 2006 Niels was looking to re-direct his career path towards a more environmental track.  As part of his research, he had an energy assessment done on his home and that very day signed up for a course to become a Certified Energy Advisor. He hasn’t looked back since. In the ensuing years his company Enerlytics Building Performance was born, staff were hired, and Niels developed into a leading specialist in the field. What distinguishes Niels from many other modelers is that Niels loves to  play with the software. This is to say he is continually curious about what happens if….and that means he gains a depth of understanding beyond the norm.  Niels currently serves on a number of provincial and national technical advisory committees and, as time permits, mentors other modelers and teaches Building Science. Oh, and he also loves to talk to people—between being on the phone and playing around with models its a wonder he gets any real work done.

Feel free to reach out  —  250.886.3142   — 


 Mirka Lindbeck, M.Ing.Arch., EA


Mirka is a talented, experienced energy modeler and the administrative glue that holds us together. Mirka joined Enerlytics in 2014 with a Masters degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering (Building Science). In 2016 she gained her certification as an Energy Advisor. Today Mirka has achieved certifications allowing her to model Energy Star for New Homes (ESNH) and Multi Unit Residential Buildings (MURB), and to provide quality assurance services to EnerGuide program providers. As well as energy modeling, Mirka is tasked with being responsible for the organizational and administrative systems at Enerlytics.



Stuart Kidson, B.Sc., EA


Stuart is our multi talented and multi disciplinary U.Vic grad with a B.Sc. degree in Kinesiology and a Natural Resources Canada certification as an Energy Adviser.  During the day one finds Stuart most often on site doing air testing and speaking with builders about air-barrier performance. In the early mornings and evenings Stuart will be found engaging his fitness passion as a professional fitness coach. His days are long but he loves the hard work and being able to engage with people about fitness—whether it be personal fitness or the energy fitness of a building.